“There is nothing more we can do” continued

Continuing from the previous post of “There is nothing more that we can do.”.

I was doing business with an organization that stated this very statement when they were offering their services. The services were being delivered below our needs. There was an eventual agreement of separation with a return on investment.

What got me is the organization happens to be losing customers and carrying an increasing debt load. I was dealing with the top people of the organization when this statement was made. Because of the defeatist attitude, you can clearly see why the business is going down.

An entrepreneurial spirit and can do attitude is what is needed to lift this organization up. There is something that can be done. We can deliver more. We can turn around our fortunes, but when the top people of the organization feels powerless, the organization will not turn.

“There is nothing more we can do”

“There is nothing more we can do.” What a statement. As an entrepreneur type trying to make a mark in this world, I find this statement the worst.

When I run across this statement in business, I find it usually is: 1) it is not a priority; 2) person making the statement is unwilling to do more; 3) in a sad way, the person actually believes they are incapable of doing more; 4) the organization or environment they work in is that restrictive.

As a business person and entrepreneur, I want to take the challenge of doing more. I believe there is something I can do.  If someone does not want to do more, I believe there is money to be made when people feel the task is “impossible”.

And willing doing the impossible is what made this country.