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Upcoming Projects – Winchester EMS Website

My oldest daughter is working at the health department in the town where she goes to college at.  When she is home, she assists with the local ambulance.  She had to contact all the ambulance, fire, and police departments for their local county and determine where their boundaries are for the people they serve.

She found it difficult to track down the boundaries of the respective agencies.  Since our local ambulance service does not have a website and I am a developer with multiple websites, she has tasked me with the job of improving Winchester EMS’s web presence.

Winchester EMS is a volunteer based system.  We serve a large rural area comprising of thousands of people.  At times, multiple crews have been dispatched, and it has been many late nights and a lot of time put in by the volunteers.

To serve this area effectively, we have three ambulances, an emergency truck, and a mass casualty trailer.  The mass casualty trailer serves our area and multiple surrounding counties.

We always appreciate donations.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please mail a check to:


Winchester EMS

PO Box 122

Winchester, IL     62694


We appreciate all the support we receive.

Upcoming Projects – Redesigning Forestry Programs

The main program for RD Concepts has been our forestry programs.  It has been a blessing, and we appreciate everyone that utilizes them.

To better serve our users, we are in the process of taking them a step farther.  Improvements are being planned to make this a multiple environment system.

Thanks to a user in Massachusetts, we are going to improve on the reporting side of the system also.  He made some suggestions that will be added into the next version.

We are always glad to hear from our users and suggestions.  After all, we are here for our customers and providing them products to improve their lives.

Upcoming Projects – Charitable Tracking

Due to my workload over the last couple of weeks, I have been negligent on working on a charitable tracking program for the local Kiwanis group.  They are needing to take a spreadsheet for their Christmas baskets and improve on organization.

Right now, I have the spreadsheet.  I have researched it.  My plans are to import the spreadsheet into the database for multiple platform approach.  Use the desktop for reporting and heavy lifting.  A tablet will allow them to be able to take it with them and update it on the fly.  Just have synchronization with the different environments when needed.

This program is a way to try out different techniques and learn new skills.  It is also a way to give back to the community and help out local friends here in the small town of Winchester, IL.

Upcoming Projects – New Skills

For the last two weeks, I unfortunately could not blog.  One of the big things was EMT exam.  Other thing was working on an exercise program with my youngest daughter.  Life seems to get in the way of things at times, and you cannot do everything.  Have to manage time the best we can.

One of the items I have been working on is improving on my database skills.  This one is picking up a new database tool.  I have been a database administrator in the past, but I need to work on the mobile database front.  My goal is to be able to utilize the database skill to jump between the Windows desktop and a mobile environment for my systems.  Allow a system to run in both environments and be able to synchronize the database between them.  Give the users more capabilities and utilize the strengths of both environments.

While I am doing this, other companies are doing some exciting things to improve their offerings.  A friend at Karen Anderson Designs in Jacksonville, IL has combined his love of disc golf and using it to improve his skills in PHP programming.  The founder of Lenam Technologies of St Louis decided to take their medical reporting skills and moving into the R programming language to further enhance their offerings to their clients.

What an exciting time for RD Concepts, Karen Anderson Designs, and Lenam Technologies.  Each company is working in their perspective areas in this vast technology field to bring more value to their current and future customers.