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Going unplugged

At times, I go unplugged.  I do not have a smart phone, so I cannot constantly check my e-mail, facebook, or the internet.  I do have tablets, laptops, and desktops to do my work, but I just need the unplugged time.  To keep myself enjoying what I do, I get away from it.

Darren Hardy of Success magazine talks about using your time wisely.  With the unplugged time, it keeps me focused on what is important in life.  Today, I worked at my regular job 12 hours.  I needed the time away from the gadgets, so I could do this blog.  In between the work and the blog though, I did stuff with my youngest.

I skipped a week of blogging to get the Winchester EMS website up and running, but it needs reviewed first.  Next week, I am hoping to talk about it here.

I know this week’s blogging was short, but after 12 hours, I am dead tired.

Doing what you love

America is still a land that a person at any level in life could rise to the top.  I must admit I feel like we are overregulated as a country which would spawn entrepreneurship if officials would lighten up.  Everybody deserves a chance to do something they love.

My father farmed until the day he died.  Cannot imagine him going out any other way, and I salute God for calling him home when he could still work.  I hope I can live a long life and continue to do what I love all the way through it.

I wonder if the rise in both physical and mental illness currently sweeping the nation is from people unable to do work they love.  Not having a job to go work at, enjoy, and feel like making a contribution to the world.  With insurance costs sky rocketing as well as everything else (food, shelter, gas), people are taking jobs they may not like just to make ends meet.

Even doing something they enjoy on the side is too much due to all the stress they are under.

My hope for this nation in the future is for the regulation would be lessened, economy would get better, and people would be able to follow their dreams.  Make a living at something they love to do.

14 Year Anniversary

I love to program.  Been being paid for doing it for 24 years.  Been at my current job for 14 years.  Today was one of those days though the pressure mounted, but at the end of the day, delivered what needed to be done.

I cannot complain about doing something I love to do which is programming.  Wish the benefits were better and the pay higher, but that is currently in every job.

At the end of the day, it is great to work out of the sun room, look out over the fields, and appreciate life doing something you love to do.

Rising to the next level

Going through college experiences now that I have kids that age, I find myself reminded of my own college days and the lessons I have learned since then.  One happened to be with one of my favorite professors.

I took calculus all three semesters, every morning at 8, every day.  The math professor was great who taught it.  It was a small class, because you do not get that many at 8 AM.

He had taken everything for his doctorate, but he did not finish his thesis.  He and the professor over his thesis disagreed.  He refused to change it due to believing the professor was wrong.  Honestly, I would bet my professor was correct.

Being 14 years in the large corporate world, I have learned to respect the chain of command, and at times, you plow forward like it is the charge of the light brigade.

Being in my 20’s, I would not have changed the thesis like my professor did.  Being in my 40’s, I would have just to gotten the doctorate after working so hard for it.   Sometimes, you got to suck it up, lose a battle, but attain the goal in the end.