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Learning from Mistakes

I work on the EMS squad for our local ambulance service.  Today, we got three calls in a row.  All three ambulance with three different crews had to rush out within an hour at different times.

I had a vacation day today, but I worked due to a ton of documents to convert in during my regular job.  Even though I was on vacation, I was pretty stressed.

When we go on calls, patient focus is the primary responsibility.  I am still pretty new at this, but my crew (including my oldest daughter) did everything correct except for one small mistake on my part.  I loaded the patient backwards, so her feet was where her head should be and vice versa.  In this situation, it did no harm.

When things are pretty stressed in life and so focused on doing a good job, stupid mistakes are good to stop us from getting too caught up with ourselves.  We can lead huge projects, work around the clock on ensuring something keeps running, and have the holiday stress as well as everyday stress, but we need to do something stupid to have ourselves be able to smile at ourselves.

And isn’t that what made this country great?  Hard working people able to stop and just laugh at ourselves once in a while as we try new endeavors.

Upcoming Projects – Winchester EMS Website

My oldest daughter is working at the health department in the town where she goes to college at.  When she is home, she assists with the local ambulance.  She had to contact all the ambulance, fire, and police departments for their local county and determine where their boundaries are for the people they serve.

She found it difficult to track down the boundaries of the respective agencies.  Since our local ambulance service does not have a website and I am a developer with multiple websites, she has tasked me with the job of improving Winchester EMS’s web presence.

Winchester EMS is a volunteer based system.  We serve a large rural area comprising of thousands of people.  At times, multiple crews have been dispatched, and it has been many late nights and a lot of time put in by the volunteers.

To serve this area effectively, we have three ambulances, an emergency truck, and a mass casualty trailer.  The mass casualty trailer serves our area and multiple surrounding counties.

We always appreciate donations.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please mail a check to:


Winchester EMS

PO Box 122

Winchester, IL     62694


We appreciate all the support we receive.