Rising to the next level

Going through college experiences now that I have kids that age, I find myself reminded of my own college days and the lessons I have learned since then.  One happened to be with one of my favorite professors.

I took calculus all three semesters, every morning at 8, every day.  The math professor was great who taught it.  It was a small class, because you do not get that many at 8 AM.

He had taken everything for his doctorate, but he did not finish his thesis.  He and the professor over his thesis disagreed.  He refused to change it due to believing the professor was wrong.  Honestly, I would bet my professor was correct.

Being 14 years in the large corporate world, I have learned to respect the chain of command, and at times, you plow forward like it is the charge of the light brigade.

Being in my 20’s, I would not have changed the thesis like my professor did.  Being in my 40’s, I would have just to gotten the doctorate after working so hard for it.   Sometimes, you got to suck it up, lose a battle, but attain the goal in the end.

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