Goals – ACTION!

I have witnessed so many times where people will set their goals but do not start.  They have their running shoes, the outfit, the starting blocks, and they are ready and set.  The starting pistol fires, and they do not move.

I always question myself on whether my actions are working toward my goal.  What have I done today to work toward the goal?  Even if it is something small due to time constraints, did it work toward my goal?

When I meet with my mentors, I am amazed at how they got out of their starting blocks.  My last meeting was poignant.  He spoke of leaving a “solid” company for a startup.  He took a chance when the “solid” company did not allow him to achieve his goal.  Now, the startup is three times larger what is left of the “solid” company.

He is good at what he does, but the original company was not allowing him to reach his final goal.  By switching to the startup and taking his chances, he achieved his goal and won the race.

May not have been a straight path, but the end goal can be achieved.

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