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Carboplatin Dose Calculator       Carboplatin Dose Calculator

RD concepts was contacted by a clinician who focuses on oncology after seeing our product Body Surface Area Calculator for mobile devices. They needed a Carboplatin dose calculator that would run on their iPhone. After researching the calculation, RD Concepts agreed to produce the application for them and provide it for any healthcare professional that needs this capability.

As shown in the screen shots above, weight, serum creatinine, age, gender, and target AUC (area under the curve) are entered to produce the calculations for creatinine clearance and the proper carboplatin dose.

Our goal at RD Concepts is to bring tools to help. Please refer to the medical and software disclaimers at the top of the screen before utilizing our products. To utilize this application from your mobile device, please select mobile application.

Carboplatin Dose CalculatorCarboplatin Dose CalculatorProduct description:Carboplatin dose calculator for iPhones and Android mobile devices.

RD Concepts utilizes the honor system for our software products. We suggest a fee of $1.99 for each install to utilize this product, but we appreciate however much you feel comfortable with. You can make a payment via PayPal.

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