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EMS Bubble Sheet Entry for iPhone & Android       EMS Bubble Sheet Entry for iPhone & Android

An entry tool for EMS Bubble Sheet. The tool will allow an EMT to fill out the needed EMS bubble sheet and create a report screen the EMT can then print out from their mobile device. This allows for non-computerized EMS systems to easily enter their "bubble sheets" from a run and give them to the personnel who enters the information from the run for medical control. This is espcially true of the volunteer squads who have not fully computerized their ambulances and EMS personnel.

Being needed in mobile environments, RD Concepts developed the EMS Bubble Sheet entry tool to run on an iPhone and Android.

To utilize this application from your mobile device, please select mobile application.

EMS Bubble Sheet Entry for iPhone & AndroidEMS Bubble Sheet Entry for iPhone & AndroidProduct description:Developed for iPhone and Android, an entry system for EMS Bubble Sheets

RD Concepts utilizes the honor system for our software products. We suggest a fee of $1.99 for each install to utilize this product, but we appreciate however much you feel comfortable with. You can make a payment via PayPal.

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