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ForestStats       ForestStats

ForestStats is laid out to allow the user to easily enter their surveying information and allow for volume calculations for the Mesavage & Girard formulas for Doyle, Scribner, and International rules for both 16-ft and 12-ft logs. They start with the Land Owner information, then to Property, Stands, Plots, and the last screen of Trees. This meets both the requirements of producing accurate information as well as keeping historical records.

Reports are generated based upon the selected property. Information on the reports calculate Basal Area, Volume, Average Diameter, Number of Trees, and Number of Trees/Total Number by species and by species within class. It also has the capability to calculate volume by species group by 2-inch diameters. As well as being printed, reports can be exported to Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Rich Text formats.

The administration screens allow the user to control the system as well as seeing the values used within the calculations. Synch will synchronize multiple systems together to allow for a group of surveyors to share information.

ForestStats is the latest version of our forestry software and replaces ForeSTats. ForestStats utilizes a SQLite databse instead of Access to provide easier for installs and future portability. ForestStats also adds capabilities to import XML files created by exports from ForeSTats and ForestStats.

For a demo, please select demo. For a walkthrough, please select walkthrough.

To download, please select download to run the setup. The destination of the installation on your computer must have security to run the application and make modifications to the database. An error will occur on startup if security must be modified.

ForestStats uses Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 to run. The database is SQLite and during the installation, the ODBC driver for SQLite must be installed.

ForestStatsForestStatsProduct description:ForestStats is laid out to allow the user to easily enter their surveying information and allow for volume calculations for Doyle, Scribner, International, or their own maintained table for 16- and 12-ft logs

RD Concepts utilizes the honor system for our software products. We suggest a fee of $49.99 for each install to utilize this product, but we appreciate however much you feel comfortable with. You can make a payment via PayPal.

For demonstrations of our software, please visit our YouTube channel.