Martial Arts Lessons for Business – Why do it?

I am in my third go-around with martial arts by taking karate.  I am taking it with my youngest daughter now.  After college, I took Tai Kwan Do.  With my oldest, I took karate 10+ years ago then the youngest came along, and time was too tight to continue.  This week, I thought I would write about how karate helps me in the business world.

Why do I do karate?  First, I do it to bond with my youngest daughter.  What a perfect opportunity to have father daughter time together.  She wanted to do it, and I wanted to spend more quality time with her.  So the number one reason to do it would be her.

There are many other reasons I would do it, but with time constraints of a family, you have to look at stuff that would benefit the kids first.

Isn’t this just like business?  We have to set our priorities on what is important.  Spending time with my daughter on something that improves her is a great way to utilize my time.

Currently, our plate is full at work on business coming in.  I have to prioritize my time there.  What is important?  How can I carve out valuable time to get a project done?  In the case of karate, I have a standing date with my daughter twice a week that is important to our relationship.

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