Martial Arts Lessons for Business – Exercise

Karate is a great way to exercise.  To succeed in business for any length of time, I feel you have to work on your mind, body, and spirit.  Karate is an exercise that benefits your body, but it does help with the mind and spirit.

We go through a 90-minute class, and I am dripping sweat after the first 30 minutes which is just warming up.  On the other 5 nights a week, I do try to take roughly 30 minutes a night to walk through the techniques and forms which I currently know.

I start regularly working by 7 in the morning.  I work throughout the day with a minimal break for lunch.  Most days, it is not unusual to have pretty much sat there in front of a computer for 10+ hours.  Karate is a nice break after work to get the mind back in order.  Good exercise to free up the mind.

To me, I am a better programmer with doing karate to keep my mind from snapping when I sit in front of a monitor all day.

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