Why we do it – Spiritual

One of the interesting items from the podcasts that I listen too is the number of successful people who speak of meditation as being so important.  Get their focus on the spiritual side of their lives which has brought them peace.

Maybe this should not be titled “Why we do it”, but really, what gives us the power to do it.  In entrepreneurial life, we have roller coaster of emotions.  I can build the system a customer needs which has me riding high and within minutes, start the work at the bottom of the next project.

I do a daily devotion, pray often, and find Bible study & church important on Sundays to keep me going.  One of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcasts had the interviewee talk about his priority is on giving first and success is secondary to him.  Due to that attitude, he felt success came from his wanting to give to something greater than himself.

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