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Why we do it – Spiritual

One of the interesting items from the podcasts that I listen too is the number of successful people who speak of meditation as being so important.  Get their focus on the spiritual side of their lives which has brought them peace.

Maybe this should not be titled “Why we do it”, but really, what gives us the power to do it.  In entrepreneurial life, we have roller coaster of emotions.  I can build the system a customer needs which has me riding high and within minutes, start the work at the bottom of the next project.

I do a daily devotion, pray often, and find Bible study & church important on Sundays to keep me going.  One of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcasts had the interviewee talk about his priority is on giving first and success is secondary to him.  Due to that attitude, he felt success came from his wanting to give to something greater than himself.

Why we do it – Community Service

As part of being an entrepreneur, giving back has become a strong desire to me.  I also see this desire in a member of my mastermind group.

My daughters wanted to take emergency medical training.  I put on hold many of my entrepreneurial project to take it with them.  Also, my family has been heavily involved in local volunteer ambulance for years.  In June, I became an EMT, while my oldest gained her certification in August.  It was probably the best project I have been on for my entrepreneurial venture this year.

Would it be enough to be successful but not giving back?  When I look at the volunteer ranks of the ambulance, fire departments, charity staffs, church boards, etc….., it seems success and independence is not enough.  Giving back to communities and organizations when so many blessings have been afforded to the entrepreneur seem to be a great desire for many.

Why we do it – Gym Story

Doing some community service with other groups, one of the crew from another group spoke to me about his own change in work.

He went from car dealerships to part owner of a gym.  He spoke about realizing his kids are young and not having any time for them, so he is taking a leap and going independent.

Often, we overlook that time is a valuable resource.  In project management side of my job, I see this resource as the most wasted.  We will never gain our time back.  It is a continuing diminishing commodity.

As an entrepreneur, we know we must manage and utilize this valuable resource, so we have more time for what is important.

Why we do it

Why do we do it?  Why push ourselves in chasing our dreams?  Why dream the entrepreneurial dream of independence?

When I review my goals, it always comes down to independence first.  Using the independence to work in areas that I love.

I am fortunate.  I love programming, which I do full time for a company.  I also have this company, RD Concepts, to nourish my entrepreneurial spirit.  I view the company that I work for full time as my client as well as employer.  It helps the positive attitude toward a job.

We all want independence to be our own person.  To gain extra time.  To do what we have a passion for.